Random things about Us

We are mother/daughter, friends, confidants, shopping buddies, sisters-in-Christ, and lovers of cheesy sci-fi.  This blog-A String of Happy Thoughts, is a celebration in one photo a day.  It is a way to express our individual creativity jointly, to strengthen our relationship, and focus on a happy thoughts together.

Life is made up of moments, days, seasons. Always moving forward. Always changing. And like the tide, it moves slowly and to its own kind of rhythm. We have a good life, with happy moments and happy days, but its been a hard decade. In the midst of a storm, your soul must be anchored to God but the rain is still hitting your face and the wind howls loudly in your ears. You might be cold, wet and tired. As we’ve walked life’s journey side by side, we’ve learned to string together the happy thoughts, little things that make us smile and warm our hearts. Now we are walking through life farther apart-we used to live next door, now we live 30 minutes away. Still, we find ourselves meeting up for coffee once a week telling about the String of Happy Thoughts we collected as we went.

This is photoblog is like a clothesline where we can hang and share happy thoughts everyday.  Capturing moments, thoughts, memories, cheerfulness…

Own the Day.


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