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Week of February 4, 2013
February 12, 2013


Darren finished another puzzle!neighborgary

Darren is smoking his cigar and talking to our neighbor Gary. It makes me so happy to see them chatting.

Best gluten free buns EVER are at Red Robins. And we bought a container of their special seasoning. Yum!

cosby-showLoving the Cosby show! Omg so much real life happening :D

romanescoThese are heads of Romanesco, or Roman cauliflower. They’re fascinating, beautiful AND yummy! Taste JUST like cauliflower.


Week of Jan 28th, 2013
February 2, 2013

Monday we celebrated Joel’s birthday with spicy Mexican food.
Mike made his famous jalapenosĀ poppers, filled with Thai chilies, topped in hot sauce.

“Hey Mike, make a face.”


Bought Adrienne and I sketchbooks.

Here is a table full of random things to trace the basic shape outlines.

Started by drawing the basic shapes.pages

Then decorate the shapes.pages2

Adrienne started hers as well…


But she got hungry so she ate a granola bar… and send me a picture of it. Love it :Dgranolabar