Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Adrienne took me on a date to Woods.  I bought the drinks, she bought the cookies.  ~M


I thought I was being responsible. When I found out that I am allergic to milk, I started eating soy yogurt so i could continue to eat protein and live cultures every morning…. and what i got was hormone flux resulting in sadness, frustration, and fear.  After a week off the soy, today I can say I think I’m starting to become my normal self! ~N


2 Responses

  1. Love the Woods date, so fun!

    I’m so sorry about the soy issues. I’ve got dairy issues too but the only soy I can handle has to be isoflavone-free so it doesn’t have all the hormones and such. Hoping you can find other yummy foods!

  2. Aw, it’s frustrating, isn’t it? I can’t do soy…I have thryoid issues (actually, I don’t have a thyroid, so lets call it “non thyroid issues”. Soy does interfere with hormones, big time unless you have only very small amounts of it. Soy is used in sooo many products (processed) so you have to really watch the labels! As for milk products, I use goat milk and yogurt and it works great for me! :) Goat milk taste can vary depending on who produces it, and that the goats are being fed. It can be a very strong tasting milk, so you may have to try several before settling in on one! Trader joes makes a great yogurt, and Grace Farms (local) makes a wonderful yogurt as well (it can be purchased at the Green Barn in Lynden). I also use rice and coconut milks in cereals, etc…they can actually taste quite nice! :) Hope you find what works for you!!!

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