A Year in Review

A year ago today we posted our first “Happy Thought”.   I was grappling daily with headaches and needed to find something to keep me sane. (I briefly considered calling it A String of Crappy Thoughts)  Nicole came on board and created a blog with me–this little blog has been a fun and therapeutic focus for both of us.

In the last year, Nicole has married and bought a house and changed positions at work.  Babies have been born and friends have passed away.  We’ve started attending a new church and become home owners. We added a new pup, Toby.  Eric has started his BSN at WSU and Mike has started high school.  Chris has landed a full time position at a bank and Dylan is finishing up his AA transfer at Whatcom.  I have knitted about a million things.

It’s been a happy year, a sad year, a stress filled year, a year filled with laughter and giggling.

Nicole and her Dad

 For those of you that follow our lives day by day through this little blog, we hope to keep you somewhat entertained over the next year.  Blessings to all!!


2 Responses

  1. I love your blog. I am blessed to get to share in you and Nicole’s day by day
    lives, thoughts, pictures, etc. Especially since we do not live close by. Thank you both for your daily commitment to the blog. I hope to comment more.
    Love to both of you, Candy

  2. Happy Blogiversary! I’ve so enjoyed getting to see the photos and happy thoughts that you guys have shared over the last year. Beautiful people with awesome lives!

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