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Sunday, 29 April 2012
April 30, 2012

Dylan bought me this knitting bag as an early Mom’s Day present.  I found Molly sleeping on it.  Silly dog.  ~M


We enjoyed walking around the beach visiting the ceremony location and various places where we took some cute pictures. This is us back on the bridge. ~N


Saturday, 28 April 2012
April 28, 2012

Dylan and I got inked today!!!  ~M


Camping is my favorite and my best ~N

Friday, 27 April 2012
April 28, 2012

Newest anti-depressant.  :)  ~M


First camping trip together!  ~N


Thursday, 26 April 2012
April 27, 2012

My workplace.  Finally got the bulletin boards up.  ~M


All packed and ready to camp! ~N

Wednesday, 25 April 2012
April 26, 2012

Bought tickets for Eric and I to attend a TRAIN concert when they come to Washington in September.  Can’t. Wait.  `M


Watched pilot. Now I’m hooked. ~N

Tuesday, 24 April 2012
April 24, 2012

If you don’t know this show, you’re totally missing out.  Take off on Survivor.  It’s hilarious.  ~M


Bought gluten-free bread at a local bakery. I have so missed sandwiches! ~N

Monday, 24 April 2012
April 24, 2012

Downloaded TRAIN’s new album!!!  ~M

********* makes me giggle. I adapted a picture for my computer desktop. It makes me think of small and weary and yet brave. ~N

Sunday, 22 April 2012
April 22, 2012

Chris is over for BBQ and a visit. He took Adrienne roller blading–they went 3.4 miles. I picked them up at WOODS, their legs were too tired to blade home.  Awesome brother points. ~M


Planted a fruit trees and raspberry twigs today in the sunshine. ~N

Saturday, 22 April 2012
April 22, 2012

A reminder that I can still be beautiful regardless of how dark the skies look.  ~M


Our grass is 3-4 feet tall. Just bought a mower. This is Adrienne hiding in the grass and making grass angels. :P ~N

Friday, 20 April 2012
April 21, 2012

Eric’s pizza

After waiting literally years, La Fiamma no longer uses latex gloves in their kitchen.  Eric and I had dinner there.  ~M


Happy meals with my sister! ~N