Friday, 2 March 2012

5 fish from Dylan.  We still have to buy red rocks and he has plants for it.  Don’t you LOVE that stone guy in there?  Oh goodness I love him so much!  I am presently thinking of a name for him.  ~M


Got allergy tested. Verified that I am quite allergic to all the major types of non-food allergens: grass, trees, mold, pets. Also reacted to milk. A very sad day. Happily it was Friday and and we got to watch west wing. ~N


2 Responses

  1. Marie: LOVE the Tiki!!!! I think you need to give him a friend, maybe someone brought back by friends who will be soon visiting Hawaii? :-)

    Nicole: :-( Well, I guess you will not be having any moldy grass-eating tree-climbing cows as a pet in the near future….


  2. Marie~ I think I have Tiki man’s cousin at my house! I bought him at Good Will because I couldn’t stand to leave him there! Maybe I should post a picture of him?


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